Scott's Taxi and Delivery Service

We Take People and Items From the Country to Their Destination

Helping you get to places throughout Ohio from the Baltic, Millersburg, Berlin, Holmes and Wayne county areas.


Helping You Move.

Let us help you move across town or across the country.


Scott's Taxi Service wants to be your one-stop source for moving people and delivering products throughout east central Ohio. We cater to our Amish clientele, but are available to all area taxi and delivery needs.


  • Scott's is owned by Scott Kalina and operates out of Baltic, Ohio in the beautiful Amish country of East Central Ohio.

  • Our drivers are all area residents familiar with the numerous sights and destinations around this area.

  • While we are centered in Amish country, and primarily service that area, we can take you where you need to go, no matter the destination!

  • We are looking to expand our service, and would love to talk to anyone interested in meeting new people and moving them to their destnations.

What We Do

Taxi Service

From single automobiles to multi-passenger vans, we cater to our customers with quality, friendly service. Whether you need to go across town, to an airport or cross-country, we can help.

Delivery Service

From small packages to farm equipment and supplies, Scott's is your source to move products from place to place within the area.

Download our Brochure

Download and print our brochure for a quick reference!

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What Does It Cost?

Our rates are surprisingly affordable! And we'll be happy to get you a quote on any destination you would like. Call or text us at (330) 231-2764.

In Area, Taxi Service
from $20
plus $1.05/mile above 10 miles
plus $6/half hour above 1 hour
  • Up to 10 miles
  • Up to 1 hour
  • * Wait Time is additional

Delivery Service
from $25
plus $1.05 per mile above 10 miles
plus $1.25 per mile with trailer
  • Up to 10 Miles
  • Passengers also (call us!)
  • * Wait Time/ U-Haul trailers additional

Group Event Transportation
from $25
plus $1.05/mile above 10 miles
plus $6/half hour above 1 hour
  • Within the area
  • Up to 14 passengers
  • * Wait Time/Trailers additional

Airport Transportation
from $75
Up to 100 Miles
  • Serving all regional Airports, Train Stations and Bus Stations
  • plus $1.05/mile above 100 miles
  • plus $6/half hour above 2 hour
  • Up to 14 passengers
  • * Wait Time is additional

  • My husband & I have found Scott to be personable & very dependable. Give him a try. .

    - B & L -

Call or text us at (330) 231-2764


We'd be happy to talk with you about your travel or vehicle needs! Call or text us for timely service.

Scott's Taxi Service

120 E Main Street
Baltic, Ohio     43804
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    (330) 231-2764
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    (330) 231-2764
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    (For information only, Call or Text for immediate service)


For information only, Call or Text for immediate service